The Bike Shop for the Commuter, the Casual, and the Competitor

Here at Anderson Bicycle, we like to think we take some of the stress out of choosing a bicycle. Shopping for a new bike can be intimidating, with hundreds of styles from which to choose and thousands of conflicting opinions of each one online. When you come to us for a new bike, we’ll work with you to determine which bike will best suit your lifestyle.
We hand select each bike in our shop, helping to ensure whichever style we land on is of the highest quality and completely right for your needs, whether you’re training for your next big race, gearing up for a morning commute, or simply purchasing for the joy of riding.

Meet the Andersons

Paul is the mechanic, a key player, the creative genius, the visionary, the nuts and bolts (need we go on?). He is the brains behind the whole operation. Karen, his charming wife, is the friendly face behind the counter, the business manager and the oil that makes the machine run smoothly. And we can’t forget Emma, the beloved pooch who is usually found seated in the parking lot (rain or shine- have you ever seen a dog sit in the rain for hours by choice?) dutifully welcoming visitors and warming the shop.

So here we are, and we hope that when done exploring our website, you will be enticed to peddle on in and visit us in person. We are a family owned and operated business, located in the quaint and historic city of Quincy at 380 Washington Street.

Our granddaughter, Brooklyn, hard at work in the shop.

Conveniently located in Quincy, MA